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The Clinical Microbiology Portal

The Clinical Microbiology Portal is a Global Forum for Clinical Microbiologists and Immunologists.

The portal will educate people about clinical microbiology and its intrinsic value to public health. It will raise the visibility of our profession and be an educational resource.

It currently has a variety of informational resources for the day-to-day work of diagnostic microbiologists and immunologists. Four stories will be highlighted and updated each week. Stay up to date on what's new by visiting the Portal weekly. We will also feature Upcoming Events that microbiologists and immunologists will want to know about. You may locate resources for effective management of the lab or find resources relevant to your career. You may subscribe to listservs. ASM hosts six listservs for the clinical microbiology community. Always know what's going on and never miss out on an email alert again. Every month, ASM will host a live on-line interactive discussion about a hot topic, a current event or a controversial issue.

There is a Q&A section where you can post a question; all questions will be answered in three days or less - and most answers will come with relevant sources. In addition, you may search a database of over 1000 Q&As.

This PDF document [download here] explains in more detail what the Clinical Microbiology Portal offers.